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Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm was established on August 28, 2016 with the approval of the Inner Mongolia Department of Justice, adhering to the values of "Yi Xin sincerity, Kun De thick", supported by a strong advisory think tank of experts in law, finance, finance, management and other disciplines and experienced professional and part-time lawyers with profound legal theory。Ms. Cao Wenping is the director of Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm,Wang Fang, Liu Xiaojuan, Du Mei, Wang Zhiwei, Zhou Liwei, Zhou Lianping, Pei Haodan and other members of the legal team,Uphold the law firm culture of "perseverance, continuous progress, solidarity and mutual assistance, multi-win",With humanized system culture, diligent and due diligence work style,Professional management model as the core competitiveness,To provide clients with professional wisdom comprehensive legal services。Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm's main business direction is standardized enterprise management, corporate acquisition and reorganization, bond issuance, equity and property rights transactions, banking and financial business, insurance business, real estate and...