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Criminal defense is an important part of the judicial system,As an important part of criminal proceedings,The system is rooted in the "respect for human rights" emphasis on criminal suspects and defendants before they are found guilty without legal process,Be presumed innocent,And enjoy the right of defense and other litigation rights,Counsel may be entrusted through the full exercise of the right of defence,To protect their legitimate rights and interests。

The main areas of criminal defence practice include:

Provide legal assistance to parties in the investigation stage: meet with criminal suspects, understand the suspected charges and related cases, provide legal advice to criminal suspects, apply for bail pending trial for criminal suspects, and represent appeals and charges。

Defense of criminal suspects in the review and prosecution stage: consult, extract and copy the relevant litigation documents and technical identification materials of the case, meet and communicate with criminal suspects, investigate and collect relevant evidence materials, and put forward relevant opinions to the procuratorial organs。

Defending the defendant at the trial stage: in the process of the first instance and the second instance, consult, extract and copy the relevant materials of the case;Interviewed and corresponded with the accused, investigated and collected evidence, attended court hearings, and presented a plea of innocence or lesser guilt。

Defense of the accused at the death penalty review stage: interview and correspondence with the accused, investigation and collection of evidence, and defense opinion that the accused is innocent or minor or that the death penalty should not be approved。

Acting for appeal cases: making appeal materials on behalf of retrial filing, participating in the defense of retrial cases。

Acting in criminal cases: acting in private prosecution and public prosecution cases to report and charge crimes, acting as an agent AD litem for incidental civil litigants。