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  Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm was established on August 28, 2016 with the approval of the Inner Mongolia Department of Justice, adhering to the values of "Yi Xin sincerity, Kun De thick", supported by a strong advisory think tank of experts in law, finance, finance, management and other disciplines and experienced professional and part-time lawyers with profound legal theory。Ms. Cao Wenping is the director of Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm,Wang Fang, Liu Xiaojuan, Du Mei, Wang Zhiwei, Zhou Liwei, Zhou Lianping, Pei Haodan and other members of the legal team,Uphold the law firm culture of "perseverance, continuous progress, solidarity and mutual assistance, multi-win",With humanized system culture, diligent and due diligence work style,Professional management model as the core competitiveness,To provide clients with professional wisdom comprehensive legal services。


   Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm's main business directions are standardized enterprise management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, bond issuance, equity and property rights transactions, banking and financial business, insurance business, real estate and construction engineering, securities and capital market business, PPP business of government enterprises, project legal risk prevention and litigation agency in civil and commercial cases。Our lawyers have been acting as legal counsel for outstanding listed companies on the main board of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for many years;Acting as legal counsel for a Fortune 500 real estate company,Familiar with the legal practice of real estate construction engineering;Served as a depositor of various legal practices for Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch, Construction Bank Inner Mongolia Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch, Industrial Bank Hohhot Branch, Huaxia Bank Hohhot Branch and many other financial enterprises and insurance enterprises;Served as legal counsel for major state-owned enterprises and influential entrepreneurial private enterprises in Inner Mongolia;With a number of securities companies, accounting firms to achieve strategic cooperation,To provide enterprises with new third board, regional equity trading market listing special legal services。More civil and commercial lawyers, the combination of professional division of labor and team cooperation adhering to the spirit of "specializing in the profession", according to the field of legal service and professional set up a professional department, requiring each lawyer to have their own professional direction and professional division of labor, in their own professional field。同时,In order to avoid the common practice of lawyers fighting for independence in the country,The knowledge, ability, time and energy of individual lawyers can not fully meet the complex and diversified needs of clients and personalized legal services,Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm lawyers break with tradition,Several teams of lawyers were formed,Combine the strengths of a single lawyer,So that Inner Mongolia Yikun Law firm can target the characteristics of each legal service demand,Set up a team of lawyers with senior lawyers, master's degree and doctor's degree as project leaders,In order to better provide clients with a full range of high-quality legal services in terms of knowledge structure, time and efficiency。