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Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm has been providing legal counsel services for large real estate development companies for many years, and has rich practical experience and a professional team of lawyers in the field of construction engineering and real estate。

Mainly engaged in the following business:

1. Legal counsel for real estate enterprises, including daily legal counsel, risk prevention system construction, contract template library construction, etc.;

2. Real estate development consultant, industrial park development, real estate development tax planning, real estate sales and leasing, property operation and service and other business legal services; 

3. Real estate project (company) merger and acquisition, reorganization, liquidation, etc.; 

4. Real estate investment and financing, including real estate funds, trusts, listing, real estate assets securitization, etc.; 

5. Real estate dispute case agents, including real estate project (company equity) transfer, cooperative development disputes, land and housing expropriation (demolition) disputes, construction project construction contract disputes, housing sale contract disputes, housing lease contract disputes and other cases。