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Lawyer Du Mei
Release time:2020-05-08 11:05      Number of readings:12661

  Lawyer Du Mei, female, graduated from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology with A bachelor's degree and obtained the A certificate of National Judicial Examination in 2016. She is now a full-time lawyer of Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm。

  Over the years, Ms. Du Mei has participated in or presided over professional work such as enterprise restructuring, asset evaluation, shareholding reform, investment and financing, financial audit, tax planning, etc. She has solid financial, tax, enterprise management, investment and financing and legal theory and rich work experience。

  In the work of lawyer, lawyer Du Mei can integrate finance, tax, enterprise management, investment and financing and legal knowledge with years of practical experience, and strive to provide enterprises with multi-directional, multi-level and high-quality comprehensive services, which has won the trust and praise of the consulting units and parties served!

  Life motto: According to the law to argue straight, justice on right and wrong