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Yikun News Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm carried out work arrangements for "legal physical examination of private enterprises"
Release time:2023-08-05 00:00      Number of readings:301
On the afternoon of August 3, all members of Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm carried out a regular meeting on the work arrangement of "Legal physical examination of private enterprises"。


"Legal medical examination"Special activity,It is a public welfare free service activity,It aims to mobilize the enthusiasm of lawyers for the development of services and contribution to society,Give full play to lawyers' professional expertise and practical advantages,Pay attention to the rule of law needs of private enterprises,We will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises,Help private enterprises improve their governance structure,Improve the management system,Prevent legal risks,Resolve conflicts and disputes,Push the bar of legal protection further forward,We will encourage private enterprises to make decisions, operate, manage and protect their rights in accordance with the law,To provide high-quality legal services and solid legal protection for the development of private economy。


The participants actively spoke and offered suggestions, revised and improved the contents of the law firm's previous "legal physical examination" project, and formed a unique private enterprise "legal physical examination" process of Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm。
At the meeting, the director of the law firm made specific arrangements for the recent work of the "rule of law medical examination of private enterprises" of the consulting unit, carried out various forms of rule of law publicity and legal service activities according to the actual legal needs of the consulting unit, and effectively created a good rule of law business environment。Finally, the director of the law firm summarized and guided the work of the previous law firm。