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Yikun News Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm held regular meetings of learning, sharing and exchange
Release time:2023-08-11 00:00      Number of readings:272

 On August 11, 2023, Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm held a regular meeting of learning, sharing and exchange in order to continuously improve lawyers' business ability and professional skills。The speaker is lawyer Zhou LianpingRecognized for work injuryShare and exchange related content with colleagues。


      Lawyer Zhou Lianping collected relevant classic cases and common laws and regulations for this learning exchange activity, and shared the practical problems and experience he encountered in handling cases with you。At the meeting, lawyer Zhou Lianping made a comprehensive analysis on the identification of industrial injury combined with relevant cases, China's industrial injury insurance policy planning and the treatment of industrial injury。In the process of learning, lawyers speak freely and focus on research and discussion of problems encountered in handling cases。


      This regular meeting of learning, sharing and exchange is of great help to improve the professional ability of lawyers. Our firm will organize regular learning meetings to build a good platform for lawyers to learn and exchange, and provide more professional and efficient legal services for the consulting units and parties。