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Yikun News Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm held the second session of learning, sharing and exchange meeting
Release time:2023-08-25 00:00      Number of readings:477

In order to exchange experience, improve the level of lawyers' practice, and promote cooperation among lawyers, Inner Mongolia Yikun Law Firm was launched on the morning of August 25The second session of learning, sharing and exchange meeting。1693278491281943.jpg

The purpose of this meeting is to continuously improve the professional ability and professional quality of lawyers, improve the work level and work quality through summary, sharing, communication and learning training。During the meeting,Lawyers shared their work experience and case handling experience in their fields of expertise.It provided new ideas for lawyers to handle relevant cases in the future, and the whole meeting was active and benefited everyone。


 After the meeting all membersDinner together, celebrating a partner's birthday。